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The cute Polaroid Snap is the latest compact Instant Camera to hit the market from Polaroid. Its a dual purpose camera, taking digital photos as well as making instant full color prints as soon as you take the photo.

In today’s world of digital photos it might seem a bit quirky to want prints but they are great fun and so easy to share. The integrated printer spits out full color prints while you watch – in less than a minute.  Perhaps because printed photos are less commonplace these days, the instant printing of your snaps is a delight to many.

The Polaroid Snap is a 10 megapixel instant digital camera with a built in printer – that uses ink-free printing technology – that you can put in your pocket, ready for taking photos at a moments notice. Assuming that you have both a micro SD card fitted and you also have zink paper in the camera, then any photo that you take is saved to the SD card and is also printed out.

You also get the option to have the polaroid classic border on your prints giving retro instant photography with no ink in sight.

The Snap Instant Camera is available in four colours – white, red, black and blue – and makes a brilliant gift. Styling is minimalist, channelling the classic Polaroid iconic design.

Prints are wallet sized – 2″ x 3″ and the paper has a peel-off back to give a sticky back so you can stick them on any flat surface or in a scrap book.

polaroid snap instant camera colors

What do you get it the box?

Polaroid Snap Features
– Polaroid Snap Camera with Lens cover and integral flash
– Wrist strap
– Micro USB charging Cable

Is an instruction manual included in the box?

Strangely not – just a simple “get started” sheet. However, you can download a pdf manual for the Polaroid snap directly from their website – click here. It is well worth doing this to get the most from your new camera.

Is a Memory Card included?

No, you will need a micro SD card up to 32GB to take digital photos. This fits into the micro SD slot on the side of the camera.

Is Photo Paper included?

Zink Paper 50 pack for Snap CameraNo, you will need to buy Polaroid ZINK paper for this camera if you want to print photos from it directly.
ZINK (short for Zero-Ink) paper looks just like normal white photo paper but when heat activates it, the internal layers create color and so the photo is produced.
Be sure to order the Premium Zink photo paper that comes in a 20, 30 or 50 sheet pack for best results.

Can you take pictures without a micro SD card?

Yes you can, so long as you have paper in the camera. The camera has enough internal memory to capture and print one 5MP picture at a time. But, you wont also get a digital photo of the same shot as that is stored on the micro SD card when fitted.

Is there an LCD display to preview your photo?

There is a small viewfinder on the top of the Snap camera that is used to “frame” your shot but there is no LCD display to preview or review shots before or after you take them.
One downside of this arrangement is that you wont know if the lens cap is on or off when looking through the viewfinder, so be sure to check.
The pop-up viewfinder also doubles up as the Power Switch. When you gently press the power icon on the viewfinder, the viewfinder will pop-up and the camera will turn on.

How big is the Snap Instant Camera?

The Snap is truly pocket sized – measuring 6.6″ x 6″ x 1.9″ deep and weighs just 15.2 ounces (431 grams)

Can you choose to just take a digital photo?

If the camera has paper in it, then the photo will be printed. So, the only way to stop a print being produced is to remove the paper before you take a shot.

Do I need batteries for the Polaroid Snap?

The Snap instant camera has a rechargeable battery (7.4V) built in. This is recharged using the supplied Micro USB cable. So, you don’t need to buy any batteries for this camera.

Do I need to fill the camera with ink?

No – you dont need any ink at all! The special ZINK photo paper have color technology built into the layers so that it just needs the heat that the camera generates itself to produce the print – just like Magic!

How do you put photo paper into the camera?

On the back of the camera you just slide the latch on the paper tray and open the back cover. The ZINK premium paper comes in foil packets that contain 10 sheets plus a blue “smart sheet” that has bar codes printed onto it.
So you need to slide the entire pack of ZINK Paper into the paper tray making sure that the blue sheet is placed and loaded with the bar code face down, i.e. towards the lens and the hiny side of paper faces up towards you.
Then, just close the paper tray door.
The ZINK Smart Sheet™ will eject when you take a picture, then your photo will print. (Make sure that you remove the lens cap first).

What controls does the Polaroid Snap have?

polaroid snap instant camera top with controlsControls are on the top of the camera. You have a Color Mode selector which allows you to choose between three options, Normal Color, Vintage Sepia and Black & White.
You can also choose whether or not to have Classic white “Polaroid Borders” on each print.
There is also a self-timer which delays the photo for 10 seconds, in case you want to get into the shot too!
And, there is also a “Photo Booth” effect that allows you to take 4 photos in a row, capturing a photo every 4 seconds and printing them all out on a single sheet of paper.

Is the Polaroid Snap Waterproof?

This camera is not waterproof or even water resistant so be careful if you are near water or get caught in the rain. And you should also keep it way from sand as it may damage the camera.

Can the Polaroid Snap be Updated?

Yes, it can. You can download the latest firmware update from the website onto the SD card using your computer and then, just by turong your camera on and off, your camera will update the firmware. This allows Polaroid to keep your camera up to date with any improvements and enhancements that may be provided.

Who is the Polaroid Snap for?

For yourself , your kids or family and friends – in fact anyone who would like to enjoy the fun and novelty of having instant photos print direct from the camera. They are great fun at parties and for special events.
Kids really love them – having been brought up in a digital age, there is great novelty in printed photos.

Just remember, if you are buying the Polaroid Instant Digital Camera as a Gift, be sure to add a pack of paper as well so the fun can begin straight away.

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