New Selfie-Friendly Instax Mini 70 – Best for 2016 ?

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If you liked the Fuji Instax Mini 8 then you'll absolutely LOVE the new Selfie-Friendly" Instax mini 70.  Sleeker and with a dedicated "Selfie Mode" this is THE instant camera for 2016.

Available in three colors, Island Blue, Snow White and Canary Yellow this is a good looking camera - quite different from the funky instax mini 8 model.  Still amazing fun but a bit more grown-up and cool.

Billed as the "Selfie-Friendly" Instax mini 70 this is designed to produce instant Selfie-prints that you can share with your friends as soon as they pop out and develop so it's sure to be a totally popular choice for 2016.

Mini Instant Photo Camera

If you haven't used an instant or "polaroid" camera before then what it does is to produce a photo on special paper that just pops out of the top of the camera after you've taken the shot and then develops before your very eyes in about a minute - hence the "Instant Photo".  

Even though we're so used to digital photos on camera phones these days, there is still a unique joy and sense of fun that you get from these instant film cameras.  

The most popular mini instant cameras are made by Fuji and mostly use the Fujifilm "Mini" instax film which produces a print about the size of a credit card.

How is the Instax Mini 70 Different?

Of the Fuji Instax cameras, they all use the "Mini" film except for the original "210" series of cameras and the "Wide 300". The Mini film produces a photo about the size of a credit card. The 210 and "Wide 300" cameras produce a larger print if that is your main goal.  

Of the Mini cameras, the newest Instax it the Mini 90, and it also gives you a relatively high degree of control which can be helpful depending on conditions and your ability to use it properly.

The Mini 70 includes a little mirror next to the lens that lets you check the framing of the shot before you press the button and adjusts the focus and exposure to take the best selfie.

One of the other really good improvements that Fuji have incorporated is the Automatic Exposure Control which means you'll get the exposure right every time whether you're inside or outside, in bright daylight or in shade.

Three colors Instax mini 70

With Fuji polaroid cameras being all the rage last year in 2015, Fuji have now revamped their best selling Instax Mini 8 camera with a new modern design and enhanced features to give us the 2016 Mini Instax 70.  So let's take a look at whats included in this new form factor.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 70 - Blue Instant Film Camera

Fuji Mini 70 Photo Controls

Instant Cameras have often been a trade off between price and features but Fujifilm have got the balance right with the new Instax 70. This model gives you a relatively high level of control which is very helpful - depending on your ability to use it properly.

There are three buttons on the top left hand side of the back for "Selfie", "Timer" to delay the shot so you can get in the group shot and "Mode" which gives you the choice of the additional Macro, Landscape, Fill-in Flash, Hi-Key and the standard Auto mode.

Macro mode makes it easier to get a good close-up photo as it reduces the focusing range down to 30-60 cm - about 1-2 ft.  This is great for flowers, portraits and detailed shots.

Landscape mode extends the focusing range out from 3m to infinity - about 10 ft and more.

So, the normal focusing range is between 60 cm and 3m - i.e. 2ft - 10ft.

In addition, the Fuji Mini 70 has a variable electronic shutter speed from 1/400 sec up to 1/2 sec to cope with different lighting conditions.  There is a sensor on the front of the camera so this adjusts automatically giving Automatic Exposure Control.

These options make it much easier to get great shots by adding in controls to suit the subject and the light so your pictures come out bright and clear.

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Attractive Selfie Instant Camera

As you can see, this instax mini 70 camera has a more modern look to it as well as the additional features noted above.

There is also the option to fix this instax camera onto a tripod - ideal for using the timer and getting in a group shot.  Or if you're taking a photo in low light, a tripod will help to get the best shot as it needs a longer exposure time.

So, if you're looking for a fun, stylish instant photo camera, the Fuji Mini 70 will be a great choice !